Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Toxic Love

Toxic Love - Linda Holeman"No, it's not the stars that are so beautiful and wondrous. They explode or collapse and fall away and you never see them again. But if you're very lucky, you find that the moon and the stars can work together. When one star burns itself out, the light from the moon will get you through until you see the next star."
~Linda Holeman, Starlight, Star Bright

"Despite being of sound mind and body, and in the middle of my teenage years, I have not known a great love - or even one of mediocre quality. Because of this lack, I have submerged myself in the love of others. I've rolled in it, soaked it up, swallowed it whole."
~Linda Holeman, Love, Unrequited

The quotes above are from the compilation of short stories entitled Toxic Love, penned by Linda Holeman.

Toxic Love is generally considered as suitable for the Young Adult genre but the sentiments it evokes are, in my opinion, deep and poignant - mature in their deceptive simplicity.

I am very much reminded of the style of another YA author, Francesca Lia Block, and her own collection of short stories, Girl Goddess #9.

As for Eastern simplicity and sensibility, I highly recommend the works of the very talented Banana Yoshimoto, especially her compilation of brilliant shorts, Lizard (Tokage).

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